About Us

Beast Music Entertainment is an independent record label founded in 2017 by Fabio Barbalucca, better known as F Daddy. The label stands out for its philosophy of supporting emerging talents from the Abruzzo area, providing them with high-quality tools to develop their music career. Thanks to its distribution and release optimization services, the label offers artists a wide range of options to publish and promote their music. In 2022, the label launched beastl.ink/BME.BIO, a series of interconnected platforms that allow for the creation of smart links, pre-save pages, and bio links, making it easier to access their music for an increasingly diverse audience. Additionally, with its proprietary platform BME Workstation, Beast Music Entertainment provides its artists with an all-in-one solution for contract management, royalties, and distribution of their music across all major streaming platforms. Thanks to these innovative services and the constant commitment of its team of professionals, Beast Music Entertainment is becoming a reference point in the Abruzzo music industry, confirming its reputation as a cutting-edge label committed to excellence.


02/2017: Beast Music Entertainment is born

In February 2017, Fabio Barbalucca embarked on an ambitious new project: to create a record label that provides all the necessary tools to develop the career of talented artists in the Abruzzo area. In the same year, Barbalucca also set up the Beast Music Entertainment recording studio in Montesilvano, providing a professional and high-quality workspace for local musicians. This studio allowed Fabio Barbalucca to offer a wide range of services to his artists.

09/2017: Bless is the first artist

In September 2017, the first artist to join the roster was Bless, also known as Alex Mezzadri. After years of joint work dedicated to nurturing Bless’ talent, his first album, titled “The Block Is Yours, Vol. 1” and entirely produced by Fabio Barbalucca under his pseudonym F Daddy, was finally released in 2021. The album has been a great success for Bless, as his debut project has garnered over one hundred thousand total plays on Spotify and YouTube.

11/2021: Kheri joins the roster

At the Beast Music Entertainment studios in Montesilvano, a vocal demo from an emerging artist arrives. After several months of intense production work, that simple vocal note was transformed into “Southside,” the first single from the artist Kheri produced by F Daddy and DLVB, released in May 2022. The song quickly gained popularity in the city and has surpassed over one hundred thousand total plays on streaming platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music.

The evolution of Beast Music up to 2023

Since its founding in 2017, Beast Music has continued to release music from the best emerging artists in Abruzzo. Starting from 2022, the label has produced a series of highly successful tracks, including “Allô” by Kheri, which has reached over one hundred thousand plays, “Love Gospel” by Bless, “Rolls Royce” by Kheri and Bless, and “Southside 2,” the second installment in Kheri’s saga. Additionally, in 2023, the label is launching its proprietary services beastl.ink, BME.BIO, and Beast Music Workstation.